Funded Digital Product Development

Access the experience and knowledge of the Computing and Communications team to examine opportunities to grow your business through digital products and services.

Who is it for?

Businesses in any sector, who are keen to diversify and investigate new business models that exploit data and digital technology, are potential beneficiaries.  Many businesses have a large pool of data or internal expertise and collective knowledge that may be tapped to develop a knowledge-based business or product.

What activities are on offer?

Bespoke consultancy which may include:

  • Exploration of digital solutions to solve future business challenges or opportunities.
  • Investigation of new digital products and service concepts.
  • Development of digital prototypes to assess concept and feasibility.
  • Analysis of business processes and systems to identify underused data and knowledge assets.

What is the process?

Our team will work with you to listen to your challenges, develop your concept and then explore how it might be implemented. This may use a combination of resources and technologies including databases, bespoke software components, new or existing web and mobile applications and physical interfaces such as sensors and Internet of Things devices.  Where appropriate the process will include software development and linking of software components to produce a prototype systems for evaluation and feasibility assessments.

Who will deliver it?

The Computing and Communications team draws from expertise in:

  • Software engineering
  • Application development
  • Algorithm design
  • Data engineering
  • Data exploitation
  • User experience design
  • Digital business development

and will deliver and manage projects up to six months in duration.

Project examples

Some examples of how we might use existing business assets in new ways combined with digital technology are described below:

Creating a data management service

An at-home care provider for elderly and infirm clients collected a large set of audit data from carer staff as part of its audit requirements.  Using this simple format as basis, a data system was developed that collated the information and provided some performance and analysis reports to business and clients.  This has the potential to form the basis for a new subscription service provided to other home care provider businesses as a management information system.

Core Technology and Expertise: software engineering, data engineering, web technologies

Designing a knowledge-based product

A management consulting firm’s standard business model included consultants working one-to-one with clients, delivering bespoke risk management advice.   The software engineering team worked with the management company to identify a subset of specialist knowledge that could be delivered through other routes.  This knowledge formed the basis for a web based service providing a simple risk assessment model.  This opened a new market at a lower tier of support utilising existing knowledge from within the business.  It also served as a marketing channel for more bespoke consultancy services.

Core Technology and Expertise: business analysis, data engineering & visualisation, software engineering, database development.

Solving a problem and developing a software product

A visitor boat ride business wished to develop an IT-based ticketing system that included tracking of passenger numbers and location for safety reasons.  This data had to be transmitted to a remote location where it was accessible in case of an emergency.  The data collected also had uses in management information tracking accurate passenger numbers over time and location and it enabled the provision of passenger facing information displays by web and mobile.  While the system was developed for a specific purpose, the components were suitable to be adapted to other businesses with a similar need.

Core Technology and Expertise: hardware interface, Data Engineering & Visualisation, Software Engineering, Database API

Benefits of the Cumbria Innovations Platform

  • Access a unique combination of expertise and skills
  • Reduce the risk of research and development
  • Speed up innovation
  • Support the development and commercialisation of new products
  • Accelerate growth in innovative Cumbrian businesses

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