Connected Cumbria

Specifically aimed at tackling the connectivity challenges in Cumbria through social, physical and digital solutions.

Founded on the three pillars of connectivity, social, physical and digital, our Connected Cumbria work has been co-designed with academics across Lancaster University and the and CPC (Connected Places Catapult).

Connectivity is currently more important than ever for businesses. Recent changes in behaviour and patterns of working with a shift to home working, more reliance on digital connectivity and a reduction in all modes of physical mobility and infrastructure modes have become apparent and will continue as a new normal. Understanding how these changes will impact business both now and in the future will enhance profitability and survival.

Working with academic colleagues across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and Lancaster University Management School Connected Cumbria will offer you the opportunity to find solutions to all your connectivity challenges, including:

  • Distribution and logistics analysis of supply chains and last mile distribution
  • Decarbonisation and green mobility
  • Adoption of multimodal transport (including cycling and walking)
  • Technological combativity (including 5g / broadband / internet of things
  • Business continuity planning for flooding or other crisis and the unintended consequences

Benefits of the Cumbria Innovations Platform

  • Access a unique combination of expertise and skills
  • Reduce the risk of research and development
  • Speed up innovation
  • Support the development and commercialisation of new products
  • Accelerate growth in innovative Cumbrian businesses

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