How can I find out if my business is eligible for support from the Cumbria Innovations Platform?

CUSP supports small & medium sized enterprises based in Cumbria that recognise the need for innovation and have identified growth opportunities for their business through the development of new products, processes and services. Key sectors include advanced manufacturing, food and drink, and the visitor economy.

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Can large enterprises apply?

Large enterprises can post innovation challenges and participate in CUSP but we need an SME to participate and be the beneficiary either as part of the supply chain or as the solution provider in order to justify funding the project.

Does support under CUSP have any State Aid implications?

Yes. The value of any assistance delivered through the CUSP constitutes State Aid as defined under Articles 87 and 88 of the Treaty of Rome and is granted as de minimis aid. European Commission rules prohibit any undertaking beneficiary from receiving more than £200,000 of de minimis aid over a rolling three year period.

Any de minimis aid granted over the £200,000 limit may be subject CUSP to repayment with interest. Therefore any support delivered under CUSP to an enterprise is dependent in part upon the beneficiary not exceeding a threshold of £200,000 of de minimis aid in any three-year period. If you have received any de minimis aid over the last three years (from any source) you should declare this on application with details of the dates and amounts of aid received.

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Benefits of the Cumbria Innovations Platform
  • Reduce the risk of research and development
  • Speed up innovation
  • Support the development and commercialisation of new products
  • Accelerate growth in innovative Cumbrian businesses

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